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Anyone who wants to be a part of this and help make it come alive can join in and contribute his or her own stories about Europe’s first long distance routes, or about hiking and photography. Ideas are always welcome. Just send an e-mail to blog(at)

19January 2018

Euroroute R1 in Belgium

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Euroroute R1 in Belgium – The Euroroute R1 section in Belgium gives you about 97 km of excellent cycling from the French to the Dutch border (or vice versa). More specifically, you are going to cycle through Flanders, a northern region of Belgium that also creeps into France. This region is not just a cycler’s paradise, its culinary heritage is absolutely fantastic. The special Belgian waffle looks so tasty that becomes the centrepiece of every photo. More to the point, after a long slog on the bike all day, what’s more refreshing than a cool [...]

18December 2017

Heading east on the Euroroute R1 to St. Petersburg

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“5 questions for” travel writer, Bernd Biedermann – Photographers, hiking enthusiasts and professionals all get to have their say here. Throughout Europe, they’re embarking on a search for new adventures, challenging trails, and a truly special moment in the great outdoors. At the same time, they are getting to know new friends and cultures, taking part in exciting events, and adding to our wanderlust with their breath-taking photographs. For our blog, we want to know exactly what’s going on, and in this series of interviews, we pose “5 questions for” bloggers, travel journalists, and amateur and [...]

24November 2017

The R1 Euroroute in the Netherlands

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The R1 Euroroute in the Netherlands – We all know that in Europe, the Netherlands are considered a cycling haven. Indeed, the Dutch are even a little crazy about cycling! It’s no wonder, because in this stunning, flat country with perfectly maintained cycle paths, cycling is a real pleasure. Discovering the Netherlands on the R1 gives you a real insight into the country. Aside from those iconic postcard photos like blooming tulip fields and windmills, you can also find beauty in the numerous parks, stunning coastal routes and bustling cosmopolitan cities. Places such as The Hague, [...]

20November 2017

The R1 Euroroute in Germany

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The R1 Euroroute in Germany – From Arholzen to Zinndorf: We have put the towns and places in Germany that are along the R1 European cycling trail (Euroroute) into alphabetical order. Now you can easily find out if you’ve already cycled down a section of the R1 track without even being aware of it, have gone on a holiday or even live nearby the track. If you’ve taken any good photos in the direct vicinity of these places, then you’ve already ticked all the boxes for participation in the contest. The photos in this post were [...]

06November 2017

Hiking on E1 through Lueneburg Heath during bloom

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When the heath is in bloom – hiking on the E1 Wellness and travel blogger Tanja Klindworth just can’t get the Lüneburg Heath out of her mind. She set off through the heath on the E1 European long-distance hiking trail many a time over the Summer to catch a glimpse of the landscape, blazing in full bloom. That’s all the better for us, since we have Tanja’s perseverance and passion for discovery to thank for an absolutely stunning blog post accompanied by excellent photos: The author Hermann Löns already dedicated many lines to the Lüneburg Heath, [...]

09October 2017

10 Tips for Outdoor Photography

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10 Tips for Outdoor Photography Wildlife, pet and outdoor photographer Valentina Goeck is our go-to person when it comes to useful tips for amateur photographers. She has already shared her experience with us on the exciting themes of “Background and Location” or “Light and Weather”. Her “10 Tips for Outdoor Photography” offer some fundamental guidelines that will help you to turn snapshots into successful photo-moments. 01. Preparation With outdoor photography, things will often happen unplanned. Maybe you are trying to take a landscape photo and the sun suddenly comes out, or maybe you still have your [...]