16 February 2018

The E1 European long-distance path in Germany

16.February 2018|

The E1 European long-distance path in Germany – Anyone who has walked from Alexanderschanze to Ziegelhausen has covered a good chunk of the E1 in Germany and has seen Odenwald and the Black Forest. Of course the places are not actually in alphabetical order along the E1 path. We have organised [...]

09 February 2018

The entire E1: from the North Cape to Sicily as a couple

09.February 2018|

“5 Questions for” hiking bloggers, Lena & Thilo – After nature photographer Philipp Daweke and cycling enthusiasts, Bernd and Uschi Biedermann, who have cycled the entire length of the R1 European Long-Distance Cycle Trail, we had the chance to ask two E1 experts, who’ve hiked the entire E1 Long-Distance Hiking Trail [...]

02 February 2018

E1 European long-distance path in Switzerland

02.February 2018|

E1 European long-distance path in Switzerland – At around 340 km, you’ll find the shortest stretch of the E1 hiking trail running through Switzerland. This fairly small country needs no extra space to showcase its breathtaking beauty. In the city of Konstanz on the Lake Constance you will cross the German-Swiss [...]

18 December 2017

Heading east on the Euroroute R1 to St. Petersburg

18.December 2017|

“5 questions for” travel writer, Bernd Biedermann – Photographers, hiking enthusiasts and professionals all get to have their say here. Throughout Europe, they’re embarking on a search for new adventures, challenging trails, and a truly special moment in the great outdoors. At the same time, they are getting to know new [...]

24 November 2017

The R1 Euroroute in the Netherlands

24.November 2017|

The R1 Euroroute in the Netherlands – We all know that in Europe, the Netherlands are considered a cycling haven. Indeed, the Dutch are even a little crazy about cycling! It’s no wonder, because in this stunning, flat country with perfectly maintained cycle paths, cycling is a real pleasure. Discovering the [...]

09 October 2017

10 Tips for Outdoor Photography

09.October 2017|

10 Tips for Outdoor Photography Wildlife, pet and outdoor photographer Valentina Goeck is our go-to person when it comes to useful tips for amateur photographers. She has already shared her experience with us on the exciting themes of “Background and Location” or “Light and Weather”. Her “10 Tips for Outdoor Photography” [...]

25 September 2017

Through the Abisko National Park on the E1

25.September 2017|

Sabrina’s grand E1 dream – The Swiss blogger, Sabrina Gurtner, reports on her hiking experiences in her blog at unterwegs-zuhause.com (with an address that translates as ‘At home on the road’). Her dream is to walk the E1 long-distance hiking trail from one end to another, and, as a “thru-hiker” to [...]