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07September 2017

Travel bloggers search for imagery in the homeland of Arminius

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Travel bloggers search for imagery in the homeland of Arminius – The September sun is shining with full force this morning; yet in the middle of the Hermann Monument, it’s dark. The little light that does make its way inside, through the nostrils of the colossus, fails to penetrate the base of the 53.46-metre-tall monument. Before Carolin is placed into a harness by Michi and Corbin from Interakteam, a miner’s lamp is attached to her helmet. Under the specialist guidance of the two experienced climbers, the cheerful travel blogger makes the steep – and sometimes rather [...]

23August 2017

A delightful stroll through the harbour city of Hamburg on the E1

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Taking a delightful walk along the E1 through Hamburg – Did you know? Three stages of the E1 European Long-Distance Hiking Trail are within the city of Hamburg – and in fact, pass right through the city centre. Health and fitness blogger, Tanja Klindworth, has explored this part of the E1 trail: When you look more closely on the map at the route followed by the E1, you’ll find three recommended stages in the Hamburg area: 2.1 Witzhave-Billstedt – approx. 28 km 2.2 Billstedt-Blankenese – approx. 24 km 2.3 Blankenese-Buchholz in der Nordheide – 36 [...]

22August 2017

How to use the background for photography

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Photo tips: Understanding backgrounds – how location shapes the shot – Blur, bokeh, and colours. The third part of this series photo tips focuses on choosing a background. As an animal photographer who mainly works outdoors, Valentina Goeck is fully aware of the extent to which the choice of location influences the photo. Of course, you can make superb use of this fact to influence the overall impact that the photo has on the viewer. Using blur and sharpness in portrait photography Portraits have their most intense effect when the animal or person is the only [...]

12August 2017

5 questions for nature photographer Philipp Daweke

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“5 questions” for nature photographer Philipp Daweke The word is out! Dear photo lovers, hiking enthusiasts and professionals, wherever you are out and about throughout Europe, always hunting for new challenges, that particular milestone, a unique photo and meeting new contacts, living out exciting stories and taking breath-taking photos along the way. For our blog, we want to find out exactly what the perfect moment looks like? How do you capture this moment in an image? And what is long-distance hiking all about? We are asking bloggers, travel journalists as well as hobby and professional photographers [...]

04August 2017

The E1 from Kautokeino to the North Cape

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“Experiences that a long-distance hiker can only wish for” – A conversation with outdoor writer Sara Danielsson. She loves “outdoorsy stuff”. Whether hiking, skiing, surfing, camping or fishing, just being out in nature makes Sara feel at home. Already as a teenager, nature was drawing the trained literary scholar to distant places. After several years in Portugal, she has now set up base camp in Sweden with her husband and cat. Even from there, she is still on the lookout for her next outdoor adventure. She has accumulated beautiful stories and some seriously good photos from [...]

17July 2017

Setting out on the trail with Wandermagazin

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Setting out on the trail with Wandermagazin – It is always nice to have a genuine expert by your side. We are overjoyed that Wandermagazin is supporting us on the journey to the E1|R1 Photo Award, both as a partner and as a recognised expert on all things hiking in Germany and Europe. Anyone that has access to such expert support naturally wants to soak up as much knowledge as possible. For that reason, we had a spontaneous meeting in Hermann’s Country with the chief editor Andrea Engel, for whom hiking is not only a hobby [...]