Terms and conditions for participation

E1|R1 Photo Award

The Lippe Tourism and Marketing GmbH (LTM), Detmold, carries out the “E1 I R1 Photo Award” internationally. The final selection of the winning photos will be determined by an independent jury. The winning photos will be presented in one or more exhibitions at home and abroad and on the Award website.

The aim of the competition is to show photographically ambitious photos of the immediate surroundings of the two European long-distance trails R1 and E1. A maximum of five photos may be submitted within four different categories:

  • “CULTURE AND LANDSCAPE” CATEGORY. Numerous cultural highlights can be discovered and rediscovered along both trails. Castles, monuments, cultural landscapes, villages, architecture and much more.
  • “MAN AND NATURE” CATEGORY. In the 16 neighbouring countries along both trails, original “nature-people” can certainly be found. Their activities, their idiosyncrasies, their expressions should be presented in the shots.
  • “HEAVEN AND EARTH” CATEGORY. Natural dramas, unique light, monumental landscapes – all that and much more is the object of this category.
  • “ANIMAL AND NATURE” CATEGORY. On the edge of both European long-distance trails there are numerous species of animals, which offer moving and unique images.

Photos that were taken more than 10km to the left or right of one of the trails (E 1 or R 1) will be excluded from the competition. If the image of a winner should be retrospectively deemed invalid for this or any other reason, the prize will be denied and will have to be returned. There is no right of appeal!

Up to five self-taken photos, for which the participant possesses unrestricted author and user rights and the content of which does not contradict the legal regulations of the country of origin or of the European Union or the human rights of people depicted in the images, can be uploaded in the categories defined above by 19 April 2021. Participation is exclusively possible via the website of the competition. Submissions via post or other means will not be considered.

Every participant can manage his/her uploaded photos as well as statements and descriptions of the photos via his/her individual user account. Images to be uploaded must be of at least 1,920 x 1,080 Pixels and a maximum of 5 Megabytes (MB). Only JPEG images are allowed. A version of each uploaded image must also be present in the original size, which the organiser can request from the participant for dissemination in exhibitions or print media within the bounds of the marketing activities described below.

The competition organiser retains the right to delete image contributions that deviate from the thematic guidelines. A notification of the deletion of images will not take place. The organiser also reserves the right to undertake modifications and additions to the content provided by him/her at any time and without announcement, even if these should have an influence on the participation conditions of the competition.

By participating in the competition, the participant grants LTM GmbH as well as the companies linked with LTM GmbH non-revocable and unlimited usage rights in terms of space and content. This includes the possibility of publication, reproduction, display and dissemination for the purposes of the self-promotion and self-presentation of LTM GmbH. This occurs exclusively in the context of the competition – together with ensuing communication, in which the participant has participated. This permission incudes the use of submitted photos for

  • Presentation in exhibitions
  • Auction of exhibition pieces for good causes
  • Publication online and via social networks
  • Inclusion in other publications, including publications of third parties in press coverage
  • The portrayal of the operations of LTM GmbH.

For commercial use extending beyond these, separate agreement of the participant is required.

Only legal adults are eligible for participation. In participating, the participant confirms that he/she is the author of any uploaded images and thus possesses unrestricted usage rights for these images. The participant also confirms that any photos uploaded by him/her are free of third party rights, and especially that any recognisable people depicted in the images are in agreement with the stated usage and that the copyrights of third parties will not be infringed upon. At this point the participant releases LTM GmbH from all third party claims. Employees of LTM GmbH as well as others who have been involved in the conception and implementation of the photo competition are precluded from participation.

In connection with the publication of submitted photos, the full name of the participant will be given as the author’s name.

The participant confirms that the content of the uploaded image files do not contravene valid (German/European) prohibitions, especially provisions against the dissemination of child pornography (§ 184 ff. StGB).

No fees or remunerations will be paid for the publication of images within the bounds of the publication conditions.

A withdrawal of photos from the competition by the participant is possible at any time through the deletion of the relevant photos via the individual user account. Photos that have been presented on the “Winners” page after jurying are exempt.

In uploaded photos, the participant confirms that he/she agrees with the participation conditions. There is no right of appeal.

No fee or compensation will be paid for the publication of photos under the conditions of publication. In-kind winnings and/or vouchers are not paid out in cash and are excluded from exchange. The transfer of prices to third parties is not possible.

All winners will be notified in writing by email or by post. If a winner does not come forward within 21 days of notification, the right to a prize shall lapse and the organiser of the contest may, alternatively, designate another winner.

Osnabrück, 15/03/2021