The long distance routes E1 and R1

Two spectacular tracks that lead through Europe!

You’ll be inspired by both of Europe’s premier long-distance trails, the E1 and the R1, and in turn have the chance to inspire others through your amazing photographs. Take part in the international Photo Contest E1|R1!

Of course, you don’t need to hike all the way from the North Cape to Salerno or cycle from Boulogne-sur-Mer to St-Petersburg to do this. The photo contest for Europe’s premier long-distance trails is not about covering kilometres, but rather capturing and sharing impressive snapshots of the diverse scenery along the trails. These kinds of shots can arise just as well from a multi-day hiking excursion as during a day trip or even a specifically aimed photo-trip. The sole condition is that you take your pictures from or in close proximity to the path. One photo contest, two trails, 16 countries, countless powerful images!

The routes

E1 European long-distance path

The E1 is approximately 7,000 km long and takes the hiker from the North Cape to Sicily. This track allows you to see the entire beauty of Europe in seven countries.

For more detailed route information and further links visit Hiking Europe or Traildino.

  • Norway – Finland – Sweden (approx. 3,250 km)

  • Denmark (375 km)

  • Germany (1.900 km)

  • Switzerland (340 km)

  • Italy (approx. 1,135 km)

R1 European Bicycle Route

The R1 takes the cyclist from Boulogne-sur-Mer (France) briefly through the new extension to London (England), then back through eight other European countries until its end in St. Petersburg (Russia). 4,000 kilometres – 10 countries – three time zones! It is worth experiencing this bike trail, especially because it is considered a “light” bike ride.

Find more detailed route information or get map material at Euroroute R1.

  • London (194 km) – France (77 km) – Belgium (97 km) – the Netherlands (446 km)

  • Germany (977 km)

  • Poland (663 km) – Kaliningrad (193 km) – Lithuania (107 km)

  • Latvia (542 km) – Estonia (514 km) – St. Petersburg (173 km)