Lippe Tourism und Marketing GmbH

Lippe Tourism and Marketing CmbH (LTM) is a sister company of the Lippe region. The LTM assumes the function of the service agency in Hermann’s country. It competently advises day-trippers and holiday guests and acts as a direct link between them and tourism service providers. In “Hermann’s country” there is a high density of attractions. Museums, castles, palaces and natural monuments are located throughout ten painterly cities and six idyllic communities.

The German Hiking Association

The German Hiking Association (DWV) represents the interests of hikers in Germany as the umbrella organisation of the German mountain and hiking clubs. Over 600,000 members are organised in 57 regional member clubs and more than 3,000 local groups. The German Hiking Association regularly informs its members through its club magazine, which has a total circulation of 500,000. For 118 years, the DWV has been organising the yearly German hiking day, which takes place in various locations and to which up to 50,000 hikers regularly flock.

The European Ramblers’ Association

The DWV was one of the founding initiators of the European Ramblers’ Association (EWV) in 1969. Today, the EWV has 5 million members across 34 states amongst 59 hiking organisations. As well as representing the interests of hikers in politics and society, the EWV has marked out 11 European long-distance trails with a combined length of 35,000km. The long-distance hiking trail E1 was the first of these.