The Award

The photo contest for hikers, cyclists and ambitious amateur photographers

Hiking and mountain biking are in trend all around the world. More and more people are heading out into nature to recover from the stress of daily life, switch off and experience something new. The slow pace of existence and ability to move with the simplest means is, both physically and mentally, a marked change from daily routine for more and more people, young and old. Many of these people are passionate hobby photographers who enjoy capturing their hiking and biking experiences with their camera whilst out and about.

Both the long-distance hiking track E1 and the long-distance mountain biking track R1 are already known to more people, but we continue to work to bring the attention of both Europe’s premier long-distance trails. Hit the trail and send us your most beautiful photos from the E1 or R1!

Take part in the international photo contest for the E1 and R1 trails!
Send us your most beautiful experiences and impressions that you have captured with your camera on both tracks. We are rewarding the winners with enticing prizes!

The deadline for submissions was 15 October 2020 to 19 April 2021.

Important information: All motifs must have been created in the immediate vicinity or on one of the two long-distance routes.

Photos, that are taken further than 10km to the side of either of the trails will be excluded from the competition! If a winner’s photo is later discovered to not be in line with these terms, the winner will be stripped of their prize and asked to return it. Legal recourse is not permitted!

The four categories for the E1 | R1 Photo Award

Hobby photographers that like to hike or passionate cyclists with photographic talent should embark on one of the two long distance trails, either on foot (E1) or by bike (R1), and send their most beautiful photos to this contest. There are four categories in which you can submit up to 5 photos altogether. Requirement: The photos must have been taken on or near one of the two paths!

“Culture and Landscape” Category. There are numerous cultural highlights along both trails to discover and rediscover. Castles, memorials, cultural landscapes, villages, architecture and much more. Submit your most beautiful photo!

“Man and Nature” Category. Original nature lovers can be found in all 16 neighbouring countries through which both trails run. Their activities, quirks and expressions is what you are invited to capture photographically.

“Sky and Earth” Category. Natural wonders, unique light, monumental landscapes – this category encompasses all of this and much more.

“Animals and nature” Category. There is a plethora of different animal species just off both European long-distance tracks, which make for unique and evocative subject matter. We look forward to seeing your photograph!