Founded in 2014, the Competence Center for Hiking, WALK in Detmold, is located within close proximity to the Hermann monument in Teutoburg forest. The district of Lippe in Hermann’s country is one of the leading tourism destinations in east Westphalia-Lippe. The increasing number of arrivals and overnight stays show the growing popularity of the region. A considerable share of the visitors explore the region by foot. WALK was established, to make even better use of this massive trend and to perpetuate it. It “is the central hub for walkers and anyone who has anything to do with hiking. It offers all information for the exchange and realisation of hiking projects.” WALK is an institution of the Lippe district. The centre was opened in 2015. Its key projects, which are being implemented in close cooperation with the German Hiking Association (DVW), are the acquisition and development of hiking infrastructure in Lippe. The goal is to establish Lippe as a superior hiking region. Currently at 13 million daily arrivals and 1.6 million overnight stays, which in turn generate a turnover of 575 million Euros to Hermann’s country, professionally implementing the image of the Lippe region as a quality hiking region should increase its appeal.

The Europe-wide Photo Award for the E1 and R1.
The Competence Center for Hiking WALK in Detmold is announcing this photo contest for the second time. Amateur/hobby photographers, hiking friends and cyclists from all over Europe can take part.