Straight to the very heart: the start of the E1|R1 Photo Award Blog

Journalist and travel blogger Thomas Limberg starts off our blog on the Photo Award with a guest post which he wrote when he went right to the heart of the E1|R1 Photo Award. Over a period of two days he hiked on the E1 through the Teutoburg Forest from Detmold to Altenbeken and arrived at the point where the two European long distance routes E1 and R1 intersect. The crossroads near the Externsteine is one of the main highlights of the route, but not the only one. Limburg found many other interesting things on his journey, and he also managed to capture them with his camera.  And of course, he also dropped in to see the WALK centre. You can read his report on this trip on the E1 through Hermann territory on our blog.

This opening blog will soon be followed by an exciting series of further guest contributions from a host of bloggers, photographers, cyclists and hikers in the E1/R1 blog. Several more blog entries are currently in preparation. These will relate to the two European long distance routes, of course, but there is also room for picture reviews, and professional tips on how to take and edit photographs. This ensures that the blog provides an excellent foundation for presenting all the different aspects of the Photo Award.