Externsteine bei Detmold

“5 questions” for nature photographer Philipp Daweke

The word is out! Dear photo lovers, hiking enthusiasts and professionals, wherever you are out and about throughout Europe, always hunting for new challenges, that particular milestone, a unique photo and meeting new contacts, living out exciting stories and taking breath-taking photos along the way.

For our blog, we want to find out exactly what the perfect moment looks like? How do you capture this moment in an image? And what is long-distance hiking all about? We are asking bloggers, travel journalists as well as hobby and professional photographers “5 questions”.

Enchantingly beautiful field of lavender on the R1 European biking trail.

We are starting off with nature photographer Philipp Daweke from Detmold, who sent us several of his favourite photos from Hermann’s Country along with his responses. The most recently taken photo shows a field of lavender in Fromhausen, taken within close proximity to the R1 European biking trail between Detmold and Horn Bad-Meinburg. The picture is a long-exposure panorama, where you mount the camera onto a special stand to capture a snapshot of the field where the paths of the stars are teased out of the night sky.

Was heading out to the lavender field your first experience on the E1 or R1?

No, I live relatively close to both tracks. I have come across them multiple times, whether to take photographs or when going on a walk with my girlfriend. Sometimes I also take my children on them to bring them a bit closer to nature.

Do you prefer heading out into nature spontaneously or do you like to specifically prepare?

It depends. If I’m going for a walk, I do it completely spontaneously. I often plan for my Milky Way pictures in advance or if I’m going to take photos alone or with a friend I even prepare with the help of mobile apps. One app, for example, shows the position of the sun and the Milky Way in the sky.

Nature, animals or people. Who or what do you like to take photos of most?

Nature and animals and stars of course. I actually also like taking “deep sky” photos (of Galaxies, nebulae in outer space etc.). I can’t really photograph people since my girlfriend is much better at that.

What do you need to capture the perfect moment in a beautiful photo?

For starters, you definitely need the right subject matter. Then a camera, together with the right accessories, experience, passion and frame of mind and above everything, time.

Do you prefer to take photos with a camera or is a smartphone good enough?

For the type of photographs that I take, I need my camera and the relevant accessories like filters, astronomical instruments and much more. The mobile is very good for taking snaps though.


The Pictures

The photo Bauernkamp with a Galactic Arch of the Milky Way is a so called long-exposure panorama. This means that the camera was placed on a special mount to capture the paths of stars.

The picture of The Plough Constellation over Hermann’s Country is composed from multiple exposures, three for the landscape itself and one for the Plough. By the way, the sword points to the star “Phekda”.

The shot of the Waterfall in the Silver Valley was taken knee-deep in water with the help of an ND and polaroid filter.

©Philipp Daweke, S&P Photography