Terms and conditions for participation

E1|R1 Photo Award for pro photographers


The E1/R1 Photo Award for pro photographers (the Competition) is organised by Graef Advertising GmbH (the Organiser), located at Kollegienwall 3–4, 49074 Osnabrück, and on behalf of WALK, the new centre of excellence for hiking, at LTM GmbH, Grotenburg 52, 32760 Detmold.


2.1. By participating in the Competition, you accept these terms and conditions and consent to the Organiser receiving your entry data. The Organiser will treat your personal data as strictly confidential and use it exclusively for communication with the Entrant. Where such data is used for other purposes, the prior consent of the party concerned will be sought.

2.2 Every Entrant can submit a minimum of three and a maximum of four pieces of work per category.

2.3 Every Entrant must be at least 18 years of age.

2.4 Submissions can be made between 1 December 2017 and 15 May 2018. Entries must be submitted by no later than 11.59 p.m. CET on 15 May 2018.


To make a submission, you must upload your work onto the Competition website (www.e1r1-photoaward.eu). Only digitally submitted work will be accepted.

3.1 Photographs must have a minimum size of 1 MB and be no more than 5 MB. Only JPEG files will be accepted.

All photography must be saved with an RGB colour profile. Exif data must be included in the image files.

All Entrants who are named as finalists must be prepared to submit high-resolution image files suitable for large-scale printing for exhibition purposes.

3.2 Submissions will be examined and assessed by the jury by May 2018.

3.3 A shortlist of up to ten finalists will be created for each category. The shortlists will be published on 25 July 2018.

3.4 Winners will be notified via email or telephone in July 2018. The official award ceremony will take place in Detmold, Germany, in August 2018.

3.5 The decision of the jury is final. There will be no recourse to appeal.

3.6 Entrants may make a maximum of one submission per category. It is not permitted to submit the same piece of work in different categories. For every series, the Entrant must select one image as the main motif for the series.

3.7 The works submitted will be assessed as series.

3.8 Only natural persons are permitted to participate.

3.10 Photos taken further than 10 km to the right or left of one of the two paths (E1 or R1) are excluded from the Competition. Should the photography of one of the winners subsequently be found to be ineligible for this or another reason, the winner will have his/her title removed and must return the prize. There will be no recourse to appeal.

3.11 The jury will make its independent assessment based on the following criteria:

  • concept
  • innovativeness of image
  • composition

3.12 Entry in the Competition is free of charge.

3.13 Employees of WALK, the new centre of excellence for hiking, LTM GmbH (Detmold), Graef Advertising GmbH and the German hiking association (Deutscher Wanderverband) in Kassel, as well as their direct relatives, are not permitted to enter the Competition. Members of the jury and their direct relatives are also excluded.

Terms and conditions

The Organiser reserves the right to exclude work that does not meet the following terms and conditions. Work can also be excluded after registration and submission. All Entrants agree to the following terms and conditions:

4.1 You are the sole owner and copyright holder of every piece of work that you submit. You possess all rights and are unencumbered by the rights of third parties. Where a team of photographers makes a submission, one person must upon entry be designated as a point of contact and contractual partner for the Organiser. When making a submission, all team members must be named and listed with their full names. The team’s sole authorship must be assured.

4.2 The Entrant guarantees that the persons depicted in his/her images or owners of copyright-protected works appearing in his/her images have provided their demonstrable consent to the publication and usage of the images, including in the media. If requested, the Entrant must provide evidence of this consent. The Entrant is liable for all damages incurred as a result of not obtaining the necessary permissions of third parties. The Entrant indemnifies and will keep indemnified the Organiser/publishing media against all liability for claims that can be asserted against the Organiser/publishing media by the aggrieved party.

4.3 None of the submitted works contain harmful, discriminatory, false, misleading, offensive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene or pornographic content.

4.4 The Entrant hereby explicitly permits the Organiser to use the submitted works free of charge for publication in conjunction with the award and also to pass on these works to third parties (including advertising agencies, lithographers, publishers, etc.) for the production of marketing material. The term ‘publication’ refers to the following media in particular:

4.4.1 The award website

4.4.2 Award documentation, whether printed, digital or audiovisual (for example calendars, brochures, posters, advertisements, etc.)

4.4.3 PR-related publications in national/international magazines, trade press (including digital), blogs and social media, with the Entrant’s full name published. The Organiser will always endeavour to have the name of the photographer appear directly with his/her photograph.

Other usage

The Organiser undertakes to not produce any publication other than in the media listed under 4.7 without having first consulted the Entrant.


Professional photographers can submit their work in four categories. One series consisting of a minimum of three and a maximum of four motifs can be submitted per category.

6.1 ‘Culture and landscape’ category. The E1 and R1 paths lead hikers, quite literally, criss-cross through European culture and landscape. From built-up towns and their surroundings to architectural and natural monuments, there are countless opportunities to richly capture the traces of European civilisation.

6.3 ‘Man and nature’ category. The ‘soul of a country’ is often expressed in the essence of its people. There are 18 countries in total bordering the two long-distance paths, yet what is it that individual people do in these countries and how do they interact with nature? The purpose of this category is to capture expressions and personality.

6.3 ‘Heaven and earth’ category. Weather phenomena at the North Cape, fields of flowers in Holland, monumental landscapes in Switzerland – these are just three of the most obvious motifs along the European long-distance paths that professional photographers can choose to be challenged by. Motifs such as these and, most importantly, a unique look at ‘heaven and earth’ are what this category calls for.

6.4 ‘Animals and nature’ category. Anyone exploring nature on foot or by bicycle will experience flora and fauna up-close. This category demands vivid representations of observations and interactions with the wildlife and vegetation found amongst the indigenous nature along the E1 and R1 long-distance paths.


The overall winner of the ‘pro’ award will receive a prize worth approximately €12,000, while the category winners will each receive a prize valued at €3,500. The overall winner will be selected from amongst the category winners, meaning that the overall winner will in the end receive a total prize worth approximately €15,500. The Organiser reserves the right to award the prizes in cash or in products of corresponding value.

Complete submission

8.1. A submission is only considered complete when the Organiser has received complete information on the Entrant making the submission. The Organiser will not be held liable for technical issues experienced when making submissions.

Osnabrück, 31 July 2017