Professional Award

Get the European long-distance hiking trails in professional focus.

The art of photography is most beautifully reflected in the images of professional photographers. We are calling for professional photographers from Europe and beyond to submit their most beautiful images of the immediate surrounding of both the E1 (Foot) and R1 (Bike) European long-distance trails for a competition.

A jury of professional experts will pick the winner, taking artistic and aesthetic aspects into consideration.

Cash of a total value of 14,000 € will be given out amongst the winners of each individual category. The winning works, along with 24 nominated works, will be presented to the public in an exhibition following the awards ceremony in August 2018. A winners’ publication will also be compiled, in which a selection of works by the winner and nominees will be published. Further publications will occur through the press, as well as through online mediums like Facebook and on the website.

Four categories for the E1|R1 Professional Photographers Award

Professional photographers can submit their works in four categories. Unlike the Amateurs, professional photographers have to submit concept series of at least three motifs up to a maximum of four motifs in one of four categories.

“Culture and Landscape” Category. Both the E1 and R1 tracks run the length and breadth of European culture and landscape, literally. Countless opportunities to depict the tracks left by civilisation in a multi-faceted way arise amongst urban development and hinterlands, architecture and natural monuments.

“Man and Nature” Category. The “Soul of a Country” often finds expression in the character of its inhabitants.  What makes up the individual people inhabiting the 18 neighbouring countries, through which both long-distance trails run and how do they interact with nature? This is a matter of capturing expressions and personalities.

“Sky and Earth” Category. Weather phenomena by the North Cape, seas of flowers in the Netherlands and monumental landscapes in Switzerland are only three of the most obvious subjects along the two European long-distance trails that tempt professional photographers – all of that and even more so a unique glimpse of “Heaven and Earth” is the subject of this category.

“Animals and Nature” Category. Anyone that wanders through nature by foot or with a bike comes especially close to flora and fauna. This category asks for the capturing of lively images of sightings and encounters with animals and plants, indigenous to the areas along the E1 and R1 long-distance tracks.