Photo tips for hobby photographers

– Professional photographers can’t just rely on all the knowledge they’ve got from their training, but can also draw from a rich pool of experience. So, they already know that it is often the small tricks that make the difference between a superficial snapshot and a wonderfully expressive piece of photography. Professional photographers share invaluable photo tips for hobby photographers on the E1|R1 blog. 

Valentina Goeck started it off with her post on the topic of ‘utilising natural light in photography’. The first part of the series was about taking photos when the sun is shining and the impacts of taking photos towards the sun or with the sun behind you. The animal photographer’s recommendations are illustrated with strong examples from her own body of work. Through this, the photographer shows that there is essentially no one way to photograph, but rather just different ways of making use of the natural lighting conditions and photographically interpreting them. The same subject matter can literally be portrayed in a completely different light just by changing your perspective. Our conclusion: if you take a bit of time to think before you press the shutter release, there is a good chance that you will go beyond just taking a mere snapshot.

That is just the first of many photo tips. The topic for the next post has already been determined. In it, Valentina Goeck explains why it is often possible to take the best photos during bad weather. The photo tips are intermittently published on our blog.