E1|R1 Photo Award 2019: Impressive images of Europe’s first long-distance trails

Since September 30, the second edition of the E1 | R1 Photo Award has been running. Once again, the European hiking and photo community shows what it’s made of. Already the first submissions shone with powerful motives. The pictures that hiking and cycling fans have sent into the race along the two European long-distance trails E1 for hikers and R1 for cyclists come from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Poland, among others. While the first E1 R1 Photo Award 2018 already featured numerous impressive pictures, the quality seems to have even increased this time around, after a first intermediate viewing. Unlike last year, the number of submissions from the south of Europe is still numerically higher than those from the northern countries.


Due to a large number of participants and to include a more balanced spectrum of all European countries along the E1 and R1, the submission deadline for the E1|R1 Photo Award will be extended to 29.02.2020. In our gallery, we show a random selection of current submissions and hope you enjoy hiking, cycling, and taking pictures. We are looking forward to more fascinating submissions!