The winning and nominated works of our photo contest have gone on tour and can now be admired in Bella Italia. One of the works has thus returned to his homeland, as Danilo Marabini together with his work “Lights and Shadows”, which was recorded at Castelluccio in the Apennines, secured the victory in the category “Culture and Landscape” and the overall victory of it.

Cesare Silvi, one of the organizers of the “Valleys and Mountains” festival, was delighted when he was promised to show the exhibition in the visitor center of the Montevelino Nature Reserve. On Friday, October 12, 2018, licensor of the E1|R1 Photo Awards, Hans-Joachim Graef, opened the exhibition in front of approx. 60 guests on behalf of the WALK hiking center in Detmold. Among them was the mayor of the town Magliano dei Marsi, Mr. Mariangela Amiconi, as well as the mayor of the neighboring town of Mass D’Albe, Mr. Nazzareno Lucci. The three Italian winners Fabrizio Cerroni, Luca Eleuteri, Danilo Marabini, and Daniela Scancella, a nominee in the Professional Award, were also present at the event on Friday.

The exhibition will, in the spirit of its main topic, “walk along the E1”. At first, however, it will be on display at the Visitor Center, before it will be shown at various other locations along the newly opened section of the European Long Distance Trail E1 until June 2019. The official opening of the section will take place in May on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Italian Hiking Federation. For the organizers, the exhibition of the E1IR1 Photo Award is a major contribution to the regional tourist marketing of the E1, which runs 300 km through the Apennines and Abruzzo.

The festival “Valleys and Mountains” on the 13th of October again addresses the E1 and its importance in terms of tourism as well as culture for the region. On October 14, a route of the E1 is hiked on the occasion of the National Hiking Day. Supporters of the festival are once again the European Ramblers´ Association (ERA) and the Italian Hiking Federation (FIE).